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10 things to do when you don’t hear back after a job interview: 

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Nonprofits Seek Relief and Support from States …

Developing Policies for Responsible Social Media Use  #SocialMedia #Government

Study on Social Media: Communicating with Congress  #Government #Congress #SocialMedia #Twitter #Facebook #YouTube

Social Media for Politicians? … #Twitter #Facebook #LinkedIn #SocialMedia #politics

Four predictions for the future of politics and social media  #Politics #twitter #facebook #linkedin

Social Media in Government Relations: How and Why 

How many governors are using social media? 

Controversy rekindled over airport sale: S. Korea …

Read the meaning behind numbers in stat. They will tell you more than words.

20 years ago it was uncool to put on your seatbelt, now everyone does it. The law changed the culture, for the better. 

Earthquakes can happen at any time. Here’s how to prepare for one: 

Is it a way to assess organizational effectiveness or is it one aspect of managemnet? … #Kindle

Legal Marijuana & Commerce Clause Counting the Days Till Marijuana’s Legal  | Gonzales v. Raich 

NEW: Today, we released the 2013 Index of #EconomicFreedom! Take a look & see where the U.S. ranks: 

Governments Are Finally Learning About Real Innovation | …

Reagan vs. Patco: The Strike That Busted Unions: 

Implication for supervisors’ “parenting” their employees? …

Political Activity and the Federal Employee | …

When Cupid Visits Office, Rules Can Cut Risks #hr | …

Humble leaders had more engaged employees and less voluntary turnover. |  (04.28.12)

Challenging issue | Teacher’s Aide Fired for Refusing to Let Employer Shoulder Surf Her Facebook Page (04.03.12)

The Controversial Florida Law at the Heart of the Trayvon Martin Case (03.21.12)

New Jersey Is Least Corruptible State as Georgia Ranks Last (03.09.12)

What can public organizations learn from it? | The Demise of Kodak: Five Reasons (02.28.12)

GA Bill to ban illegal immigrants from public colleges ( and DREAM Act ( Can they work together? (02.23.12)

Affirmative action, representative bureaucracy, and constitution Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Affirmative Action Case (02.22.12)

President Obama’s Fourth State of the Union Speech #SOTU (01.25.12)

Facebook and Twitter: Key moments in social media law [Infographic] – Memeburn (01.24.12)

Conflict between constitutional rights and public health | “State Sen. to ‘food police’: I’ll eat what I want ” (01.24.12)

SOPA, PIPA: What you need to know : (01.18.12)

If You Think Capitalism Is Bad, Check Out What’s Happened To North Korea via @businessinsider

Reforming the Postal Service for the Internet Age | (10.20.11)

State by state government and politics headlines by state – Interactive map #states #politics #government (10.19.11)

California passes the Dream Act allowing public education funding for undocumented students | (10.10.11)

State lawmakers push to allow guns on college campuses – via @USATODAY (09.30.11)

Local Governments and Disaster Communication with Social Media (09.28.11)

Don’t Like The Candidates? Move To Nevada | via @GOVERNING (09.23.11)

60 percent of Americans think Internet anonymity makes us less civil (09.01.11)

How to prepare for a hurricane. (08.27.11)

#Bribes to the #police almost doubled between 2006 and 2010. Find out about the consequences of police #corruption here: (08.08.11)

College graduates earn 84% more than high school grads, study says (08.06.11)

Presidential succession: The Vice President-Speaker of the House-President pro tempore of the Senate-Secretary of State (07.07.11)

Haig: “I am in control here”  (07.07.11)

Free Speech and the Internet: (07.05.11)

The UN has declared Internet access a human right | (via @Techland) (06.07.11)

“Supreme Court grants police new authority to enter home without warrant” (05.17.11)

John McCain:Torture did not lead us to Osama bin Laden (05.07.11)

Video: How and Why Does Congress Use Twitter

If you’re looking for govt social media guidance, check out (05.04.11)

RT @LibertyPatriot CONSTITUTION: The birthers’ constitutional illiteracy – The Guardian (04.25.11)

An IGR case RT @MultiStateAssoc: GA- Gov signs law that allows state to avoid implementation of federal Healthcare law. (04.21.11)

Will the 2/3 of AZ house re-vote for ‘Birther” law? RT @todayspolitics Arizona Governor Vetoes Birther Bill #politics (04.18.11)

Politics and the role of the Television ( and the role of the Internet ( | (04.14.11)

Internet Election Campaigns: will the internet change political campaign strategies? (04.14.11)

AZ passes another contentious law about the immigration RT @CBSNews Arizona Senate passes “birther” bill (04.14.11)

Bill-2-Law RT@BrownstoneComm: Legislative process in all 50 states: How does a bill become a law? #states (04.13.11)

Pay-for-Performance RT @examinerpolitic: Senate OKs bill linking teacher evals to layoffs: MOLLY ROSBACH (04.13.11)

AZ immigration law outlawed. #federalism (04.11.11)

Oregon (1st) and Washington (2nd) are two states that hold their elections entirely by mail (04.11.11)

No taxation without representation and voting rights of noncitizens who r paying taxes (and encouraged to answer Census) (04.09.11)

Religious freedom on trial “@washingtonpost: Justice Department sues school on behalf of Muslim teacher” (03.23.11)

Hate speech and the 1st Amendment. What do we earn and lose from the amendment? RT NYTimes: The U.C.L.A. Video (03.18.11)

Check the portion of the budget for defense RT @todayspolitics: Poll: Public prefers cutting defense spending #politics (03.10.11)

Are public employees overcompensated as compared to those in the private sector? via @AEIonline (03.09.11)

After executive order not to defend Marriage Act RT @nytimes: The Caucus: House Action Likely on Marriage Act” (03.04.11)

Supreme Court decision on Snyder v. Phelps et al.  #firstamendment#freedomofspeech (03.02.11)

Facts and Myths of public employee compensation (although the results are not totally reliable) (03.02.11)

seriously IT will change #publicadministration “@MultiStateAssoc: RT @governing: Tablets: Government’s Newest Tool” (03.01.11)

The administration may oppose to what congress enacted by passive execution. It’s another way of check and balance. @nytimes: Obama Orders End to Defense of Federal Gay Marriage Law (02.25.11)

Myths and facts about “Obamacare” #hcr (01.18.11)

How does social media work in public affairs and state government relations? & (01.18.11)

Happy MLK Day: King’s Great Speech & Writing: I have a dream ( & Letter from a Birmingham Jail ( (01.17.11)

Dilemma of two tiered #administrative systems: Differences in Federal and State Systems Could Complicate Prosecution (01.15.11)

Governor signing deadlines: How long does a state governor (in any of 50 states) have to sign bills? (01.15.11)

How do the executives console the nation after national tragedies? (01.13.11)

Is it justifying a limit on freedom of expression?
RT @cnnbrk Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs into law legislation limiting funeral protests (01.11.11)

What’s your opinion about the death penalty?
RT @nprnews Bill To End Death Penalty In Illinois Sent To Governor (01.11.11)

Do you agree or disagree with banning guns?
RT @politico A bill from #PeterKing would ban #guns within 1,000 feet of lawmakers: #guncontrol #Giffords (01.11.11)